Campus-Wide Lockdown Drill is Scheduled for Today Friday, January 24 at 12:30pm.

UCCS Police will be conducting a campus wide lockdown drill today.  The lockdown drill is designed to evaluate UCCS emergency preparedness for an active shooter/threat event.  The drill will be observed by UCCS Police and support staff. There will not be a police response to classrooms during the drill.  This is an opportunity to evaluate the training that has been delivered across campus for the Standard Response Protocol. 

An Alert message will be sent to identify the start of the drill and here is what we ask you to do:

  • Stop what you are doing immediately.
  • When you hear it. Do it. Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight!
  • Students – Move away from sight. Maintain silence. Prepare to evade or defend.
  • Staff – Lock interior doors. Turn out the lights. Move away from sight. Do not open the door.
  • Maintain silence. Prepare to evade or defend.
  • Persons with disabilities should be assisted to a safe location.