Be informed

Be informed when you need it most, know what to do, know where to go…

UCCSAlerts provides information about campus emergencies, closures, and other incidents which may impact the safety of our campus community.  By keeping your emergency notification information up-to-date, you can be informed when you need it most via text and email alerts sent directly to your mobile device and inbox.

How to find information during a campus emergency

  • On your mobile device:  Receive text and/or email alerts in the event of a campus emergency or closure
  • On UCCS Safe App: Download the app to your phone
  • By email:  Check your official university email after an emergency for support and resource information
  • On the web:  Visit or for detailed closure and emergency information, as well as timely and updated public safety information
  • On the phone:  Call the campus closures line at 719-255-3346 for recorded information and updates related to campus closures
  • On social media:  Like UCCS Emergency Management,  UCCS Police, and UCCS on Facebook, and follow @UCCS on Twitter