UCCS Campus Lockdown Schedule

The Lockdown drill is designed to test UCCS emergency preparedness. It will be observed by University Police and staff from Public Safety. There will not be a police response activity in the drill.

Preplanned Building Lockdown Drills

1/22 Tuesday, 9:40 AM – University Hall
1/22 Tuesday, 1:50 PM – Columbine Hall
1/23 Wednesday, 9:40 AM – Centennial Hall
1/23 Wednesday, 1:50 PM – Dwire Hall
1/24 Thursday, 9:40 AM – Osborne Center Science Engineering
1/24 Thursday, 1:50 PM – Engineering Building
1/28 Monday, 2:00 PM – ENT Performing Arts
2/08 Friday, 2:00 PM – Lane Center

  • Please depart the building prior to the scheduled lockdown drill only if you anticipate an adverse reaction with participation.
  • Please complete the short survey provided in the Lockdown Complete alert after participating in a drill.