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See UCCS Campus Lockdown Schedule Update

The Lockdown drill is designed to test UCCS emergency preparedness. It will be observed by University Police and staff from Public Safety. There will NOT be a police response activity during the drill.

  • Preplanned Building Lockdown Drills
    1/23 Wednesday, 9:40 AM – Centennial Hall
    1/23 Wednesday, 1:50 PM – Dwire Hall
    1/24 Thursday, 9:40 AM – Osborne Center Science Engineering
    1/24 Thursday, 1:50 PM – Engineering Building
    1/25 Friday, 9:40 AM University Hall
    1/25 Friday 1:50 PM Columbine Hall
    1/28 Monday, 2:00 PM – ENT Performing Arts
    2/08 Friday, 2:00 PM – Lane Center

• Please depart the building prior to the scheduled lockdown drill only if you anticipate an adverse reaction with participation.
• Please complete the short survey provided in the “Lockdown Complete” alert after participating in a drill.