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UCCSAlerts Campus-Wide Test October 29, 2014 at 12:05pm

With the unveiling of UCCSAlerts as the new campus emergency notification system, the Department of Public Safety – Emergency Management will be conducting a campus-wide test of the system at 12:05pm on Wednesday, October 29th.  Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates who have signed up for emergency notifications will receive text messages and emails that will be clearly identified as a test message.  The test message will also post to @UCCS_Prepared and @UCCSPolice Twitter accounts, in addition to the UCCS Emergency Management and UCCS Police Facebook pages.

Users are encouraged to log into their UCCSAlerts accounts to confirm and/or update their contact information before the test.  For instructions on how to access your account, visit the ALERT SIGN UP tab at the top of this site, or click HERE.  Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding the campus-wide test, or UCCSAlerts in general, are encouraged to contact Emergency Management at 255.3106, or via email at [email protected]

UCCSAlerts – Update and Campus-wide Test Scheduled

UPDATE 10/27/14:

A follow-up email was sent to faculty and staff concerning their method for accessing the UCCSAlerts page to confirm or update their contact information.  Given the more recent communication, the campus-wide test of the emergency notification system has been postponed until Wednesday, October 29th at 12:05pm.


Posted 10/26/14:

At approximately 1:30pm on Sunday, October 26th, all UCCS students, staff, and faculty should have received an email notification informing them of the change from our previous emergency notification system to an updated system known as UCCSAlerts.  All users should take a moment to confirm their contact information via the instructions in the email so as to ensure their information is up to date and accurate.  For more information on accessing your UCCSAlerts account, or to learn more about the new system, please visit the FAQs page.

In order to test the new system under “real” workload, we have scheduled a test for Monday, October 27th at 12:05pm.  The test message will be sent to all registered email addresses, as well as those accounts which have registered to receive text alerts.  Please take advantage of our testing by ensuring your registration information is complete and accurate ahead of the test.

Be Informed

Be informed when you need it most, know what to do, know where to go…

UCCSAlerts provides information about campus emergencies, closures, and other incidents which may impact the safety of our campus community.  By keeping your emergency notification information up-to-date, you can be informed when you need it most via text and email alerts sent directly to your mobile device and inbox.

How to find information in an emergency

  • On your mobile device:  Receive text and/or email alerts in the event of a campus emergency or closure
  • By email:  Check your official university email after an emergency for support and resource information
  • On the web:  Visit or for detailed closure and emergency information, as well as timely and updated public safety information
  • On the phone:  Call the campus closures line at 719-255-3346 for recorded information and updates related to campus closures
  • On social media:  Like UCCS Emergency Management, UCCS Police, and UCCS on Facebook, and follow @UCCS, @UCCS_Prepared, and @UCCSPolice on Twitter